Mr. Gopal kundu a highly self motivated person and having proper management skill and experience to operate a Company. He joins Saarvasri in the year 2014 and under his guidance, the success journey of Saarvasri starts and Saarvasri becomes a brand in the industry. Its his management skill that Saarvasri that started in Kolkata, and today, it extends throughout India.

He has more than 15 years of experience in Wellness Industry & real estate Industry. A giant in the Direct Marketing Industry, he knows for his Excellency in implementation of new technique. He plays a very important role in decision making of board of directors in company. In his operation Saarvasri becomes a leader in health & wellness industry and continuing innovate - with a constant flow of new products and production processes that keep us on the cutting edge.

Being the CEO of Saarvasri his ideas and implementation are

- Being the best in the world at producing, marketing, and servicing products that deliver life, health, care, nutrient and by so doing lead our industry - Succeed by helping our customers succeed; - Offer the best services, best products and best prices to our customers; - Believing in our business people, each of whom plays a key role in keeping our company successful; - Continuing to build the legacy that defines our company


Founder & Managing Director

Mr. Subash Sahu 15 Years of Experience in Insurance, Agricultural & Wellness Industries. Having Master in Business Management (MBA) & Master of Social Work (MSW), he has the idea and knowledge to run Company. He is focusing with Back Office operation, Management & Corporate & Brand Communication of Saarvasri.

Prior to this when he is in agricultural sector he saw a large use of fertilizer and pesticides which has reverse effect on human body. After seeing that he realize that to be healthy in todays life we should take proper nutrition and vitamins and decided to be in wellness industry in the motive good health to all. As Health is Wealth, And healthy Citizen Brings a Wealthy nation.



Mr. Prasanta joined Saarvasri as an Executive Director in the year 2014. Mr. Prasanta brings over 10 years of vast experience and plays various important roles in several organizations. He has been holding the position of Director at Saarvasri, since 2014 with a portfolio of product distribution and Training.

In his prior role as Manager, he was responsible for the development and management of Healthcare & Marketing sector and for overseeing the divisional offices across India.

Mr. Prasanta is a Science Graduate from Kolkata University.