Zigzag Sponsoring / Multiple IDs


No ZIGZAG Sponsoring of distributorship shall be allowed. “ZIGZAG Sponsoring" in this context means:

  1.          Signing up an existing distributor from another group.
  2.          Signing up the wife when the husband is already a distributor or vice versa.
  3.          Signing up under another sponsor to operate his / her new distributorship when his / her previous distributorship is still valid.
  4.          Allowing other people or relatives to use his / her distributorship to do business.
  5.          If a son or unmarried daughter joins the business with their own ID but their line of sponsorship is not under their family* ID, then such a case will be treated as ZIGZAG sponsoring and the ID taken by son / unmarried daughter will be terminated.

The same will apply for any of the family members not joining under their son / unmarried daughter's line of sponsorship.


In the event of ZIGZAG Sponsoring or in the event of a distributor using a second or multiple IDs, the following procedure shall be followed:


(1) Any distributor found doing ‘activity’ in any network, within six months of resigning (termed as inactivity rule or period), for example, promoting any close relative/acquaintance, then the ID of the relative/acquaintance will be treated as a second ID and the same will be terminated

(2) If a distributor is found promoting a network in another line of Sponsorship, then SHPL will take appropriate action against that distributor. The ID / IDs for whom the distributor is doing activities will be terminated and the network will be shifted, once the other ID / IDs for which the distributor has been doing promotion/activities are identified.

(3) If SHPL receives a complaint within six months of ZIGZAG Sponsoring, then SHPL will terminate the second/later IDs of the distributor, and the network developed under the second/later IDs will be shifted under the first ID or can remain under the terminated ID as per the decision of the management.

(4) However, in a situation, when the complaint against a distributor regarding ZIGZAG Sponsoring is filed within six months, but the ID / IDs are not identified within the same period, then the complainant must submit the details of such ID / IDs within three months of filing the complaint. SHPL will take action as per the above clause (iii) after getting the details of other ID / IDs.

(5) If the complaint is received after more than six months of a distributor taking other ID / IDs, the same will not be entertained. On receipt of such complaint, SHPL will terminate one of the IDs of the distributor, whichever may deem fit and the network will remain with the active ID.

(6) If any distributor is found taking different IDs, SHPL will take strict action against the distributor which can also lead to the termination of all the IDs, as and when they are discovered.

(7) SHPL will terminate the distributorship and also withhold the Bonus payment of any distributor who is found doing ZIGZAG Sponsoring of any other existing distributor/s. In addition, if the distributor is running any SUPER-GALLERY / GALLERY / MINI-GALLERY, the same will also be closed down by SHPL.


In case the management finds out that the registration of a distributorship / second ID was done through unethical means, or without the distributor's consent/knowledge, or by submitting illegible/invalid documents, then SHPL will terminate the ID / IDs, which the management may deem fit and the network of such terminated ID / IDs will move up to the next higher distributor or will be shifted under the ID that is not terminated. In addition, the distributor, who initiated the above-mentioned activities, will be subjected to disciplinary action by SHPL that may result in the form of suspension/termination / withhold of bonus payments of the distributor and/or imposing a fine on the distributor. SHPL's decision in the above cases will be final. (‘activity’ - Appearance in any form of meetings, BOP, LDP, RTP, etc., within six months of resigning, will render the resignation of the distributor in question nullified due to violation of the inactivity rule. The distributor's “cooling off” period of six months will be recounted from the date of the second ID's termination)

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