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Description: Invigorating nutritional supplements, in the eve of today’s health scenario Saarvasri Herbs  has fulfilled the demand across the country for restorative heath supplement to protect healthcare aspect. S-Pulse encourages alternative remedy to health and wellness in future days. S-Pulse closely evaluated on the evidence of nutrition based with special emphasis of on building immunity, strengthening, and repairing our body. S-Pulse is an omnipotent, synergistic combination of nutritional supplement, meets all criteria of a dietary supplement towards ailments.


  • Protect Cells.
  • Scavenges for Free Radicals.
  • Strengthen cell membrane.
  • Build proteins.
  • Restores Antioxidant numbers.
  • Strengthen Immune System.
  • Enhances Cellular Communication.
  • Strengthens Nervous System.
  • Reduces the risk of cancer.
  • Relieves Inflammation.
  •  Fights with Bacteria and Viruses.
  •  Provides essential oils.
  •  Combats with the effects of Diabetes.
  •  Strengthens Vision.
  •  Takes care of the Prostrate.
  •  Strengthens the Heart.
  •  Fights with cellular mutation.
  •  Helps in Digestion.

How to use: For Children: Above three years 1 tea spoon twice a day or as directed by the experts.
For Adults: Daily 15 ml. in the morning (empty stomach) and 15 ml. two hours after dinner or as directed by the experts.

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